Some people have several kinds of habits. Bad habits, good habits, eating habits and more. So we are going to talk about little kind of a rare habit. Some people are rubbing their feet together while they are sleeping. maybe it is a habit or maybe it is a disorder. From this article you will be able to learn about that what are the reasons causes to this situation. Read this full article to know more about Why do people rub their feet together.

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What Are The Reasons That People Rub Their Feet Together?

  1. It is an unconscious mode of self-soothing.
  2. Maybe it is a habit
  3. A different medicinal situation could be a reason also
  4. Maybe a sign of a sleep disorder

It is an unconscious mode of self-soothing.

Normally we do rub our feet together when we need to get comfy and relax. Also People rub their feet together, because of may be our feet have lots of bravery finishes. So at that time, if we rub our feet together, it will help us to stimulate those stresses. Actually it is a massage that basically giving to your body by yourself. So that is the reason and that’s why it feels relax and comfy when you rub your feet together.

May be it is a habit

Actually rubbing feet together is normal. Also this thing is more common especially at night, then for the duration of the daytime. Some people are doing this as a habit. A lot of individuals normally rub their feet in the bed automatically, without even noticing.

Why do people rub their feet together

A different medicinal situation could be a reason also

Some people feel a bad sensation when they lying down and moving or rubbing their feet together. Sometimes that means, they have unrelaxed, restless leg disease. Normally it happens when you are in tired mood or did not get a rest from long time. So the better thing is you need to consult a doctor for this situation.

May be a sign of a sleep disorder

Actually, rubbing feet together in the bed is not as harmless we think. Periodic limb illness is a disorder what is affecting to your legs. It may be approachably cramp or jerk them while you are sleeping. Sometimes this thing may be the reason for this situation.

What Does Your Feet Position Say About you?

  • Normally in body language, the route in which a man points the man’s foot exposes the track in which they going to go.
  • When a person is interested in you, you can understand it by their feet position.
    • The body protracted observation
    • The figure orientations
    • The foot directing is the most assured sign that a person is attracted to you.

What Is a Honeymoon Hug?

“The honeymoon hug”. In point of fact, Honeymoon hug is asleep position. Where a couple of sleep in face to face embracing position, is called Honeymoon Hug. Most of the couples who are in their early stage of the relationship and the newly married couples are more interested in this sleeping position.

Why Babies Rub Their Feet Together?

Why do people rub their feet together

Normally babies are rubbing their feet together while they are going to sleep. Because they need a more comfort place to sleep. Babies start to cry when they feel uncomfortable and they rub their feet together. Sometimes babies rub their feet together to express they are in hungry mood. The most important thing is infants cannot talk, they can only cry. That is the way they express their feelings to the parents. If a baby is crying and rubbing feet together it means the baby is in some uncomfortable situation.


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