why aren't my breasts growing?

When we are talking about breast growing, the most important fact is the hormones. Breasts are growing in reaction to the estrogen hormone and progesterone hormone. As well as when you are growing and as you are entering puberty, the levels of these estrogen and progesterone hormones are increasing. Thus under the stimulation of these hormones, your breasts begin to grow as well as your body. But, in some time periods, your hormone levels may change and sometimes your breasts are not growing as well as you think. So in this content, we are going to have look at “why aren’t my breasts growing” and the reasons for this situation.

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Why aren’t my breasts growing?                                                

The main reason is your hormones. Hence if your breasts haven’t started to grow, it means maybe you have a hormone imbalance. Normally in the young generation, women have different breast sizes. Some women have very small breasts and some have very big breasts. Your family background, your weight, and hormones are the reasons for that differences.

On the other hand, different sizes of breasts are not a very serious problem. The size-changing from woman to woman is actually a normal thing. So you do not need to worry about your breast size because when breasts are different in size, position or shape is very common. And if your grandmother or your mother had uneven breasts, probabilities are that you could, too. As well as another reason is, there are types of many girls that grow their breasts at different times. Some girls do not get their breasts up until they are 18 years old. It is because of their genes.

How do I increase my breast size naturally?

Doing exercises

Just try some exercises like pushups, lift dumbbells, wall presses and fly lifts to increase your breasts naturally.

Massage your breasts with Vaseline or oil.

If you massage your breasts at least for about 25 or 30 minutes every day with some cream, Vaseline, or oil, you can increase your breast size quickly.

Try to gain body Weight.

To gain your body weight, just increase you caloric intake. Eat some fattier foods like sugary foods and cheese things.  

Eat more foods that contain estrogen.

Estrogen is a female hormone that supports increasing your breasts size and other things. So if your breasts are small, you need to add some extra estrogens to your body. Thus eat more foods that contain estrogen, like cheese, yogurt, vegetables, rice and etc.

Always dress a bra that fits you properly.

The bad thing is some women are wearing the wrong size bras. If you wear a very small bra, then your breast looks very small. If you wear a very big bra, then your breasts may look loose. So always make sure to wear a bra that fits you correctly.

What are the reasons of small breasts?

During your monthly menstrual cycle, your breast size may become bigger and return to normal once the cycle is finished. As well as during your pregnancy periods also breasts size become increases. So your breasts change due to the development of your life.

  • Cause of your hormones
  • Body type
  • Bodyweight
  • Genes


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