Let’s be honest: That “I woke up like this” hair can seem a petite hard to pull off, especially if you’re not precisely sure how to do a messy ponytail right. loose curly ponytail brushing your hair and wrapping a hair tie about a ponytail is not going to get you that Blake Lively appearance.

There’s an accidental that you could finish up a frizzy mess in its place of getting the casual-chic vibe you were hopeful for. You don’t need to go to effort or brunch looking like you rolled directly out of bed, especially if you consumed valuable moments in the mirror annoying to make this tricky hairdo. But it’s really straightforward to style disheveled locks work for you. You necessity a few tools and a few actions to do it.

To up your messy hair game, we’re presenting you just how hot messy hairstyles can be with a series of lessons featuring five stunning styles that look a little messy. To kick things off, try your hand at this good-looking messy ponytail created by senior stylist Judy McGuinness of Mizu Salon in New York City.

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Wet or Dry

Using a loose curl style, this styling works greatest on fully dried hair. In that method, your curls can be fully formed as well as full of volume. I normally use cream and hairspray to style my hair and diffuse it till it is fully dry.

For day 2 hair or away from you might choose for refreshing some curls to prep for this expression as needed. I love a curl-by-curl revive, especially on the curls and loose baby hairs everywhere my face that usually need more direction.

loose curly ponytail

Ponytail Placement

This high curly ponytail appears amazing when placed at the crown of the head. It’s an enjoyable and flirty placement that lets you get your hair from the front view. Not only does this frame your face but it displays the stunning texture of your hair as well.

Perfecting the Messy Ponytail

Step 1

Hair that has extra grip is superior, so McGuinness counsels making this stylishness using day-old hair or locks that have more of a messy texture to them. If your curls don’t at present have a wave or an uncompleted curl to them, McGuinness says to loosely curl 3-inch units of hair with a curling iron. You have to end up with large curls as opposed to tight branches. To provide hair a lift, McGuinness recommends spraying salt spray at the root for extra volume.

Step 2

Start to pull your hair up and collect it at the top of the crown of the head.

Clip it into a high ponytail. If there are flyways, don’t perspiration them. You should hold them and let them be. McGuinness says the messier the hair, the better!

Step 3

Take a 1-inch piece of hair from the ponytail and cover it around the base of the pony to hide the elastic.

Step 4

Finish off by spraying a texture creation on the lengths of the hair to provide it more movement.


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