Is nail polish bad for nails

Generally we use nail polish to paint or color our fingernails and toenails. It is a gloss liquid that applied to the nails, for make them polished and shiny. The difference between a nail paint and a nail polish is, nail paints are helping to protect our nails. But nail polishes are helping only to decorate our nails.

Some people are telling that nail polishes are good for nails and some are telling, nail polishes are bad for nails. Therefore, hope this article will help you to absorb more about nail polishes and you will able to know, is nail polish bad for nails plus extra stuffs about nail polishes.

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Is nail polish bad for nails?

No. Nail polish does not normally bad or damage your nails. Also, Nail polishes are not bad if you are using them properly. Because, if you are using strong colors to paint your nails, nail polish will help to protect your nail plates from some bad chemicals. On the other hand, you must look after your nails very well, while you are applying a lot of nail polish regularly.

Most girls love to decorate their fingernails by using nail polish to keep their nails beautiful. But they do not know, why it is good to polish their finger and toenails. Moreover, nail polish is not normally bad, because, women feel beautiful, attractive, and confident inside and outside when they wearing nail polish in their nails. However, the ingredients of the nail polish also will help your nails to grow fast and keep healthy. But you have to select a good nail polish brand with good elements. Nowadays there are so many nail polish products as well as some nail polish removers in the markets including good vitamins and conditioners that will help to grow nails fast and healthy.  By the way, if you are using a quality product, you can get vitamins for your nails and worthy moisture too.

Is nail polish bad for nails

Is it OK to wear nail polish all the time?

No. it is not extremely ok to wear nail polish all the time. Also, it is not good to apply nail paint continuously to your nails. Because nail polish can damage your nail enamel. As well as nail polishes cause destruction to your healthy nails. In the market, there are some nail polish brands that can burn your nail plates. In point of fact, strong nail paint colors can stain your nails yellow too. So it is not ok to wear nail polish all the time.

Is nail polish bad for nails

Nowadays most of girls and women are loving to color their nails repeatedly, without knowing the bad results of wearing nail polish all the time. One thing is, if you are wearing nail polish on for too long time, it will dry out on your is so danger, because of staying your nail polish all the time is that the stain in your nail polish will be soak into the top layers of the nail. At that time fungus, bacteria and yeast can grow inside the nail plate. So remove nail polish at least every two weeks and give your nails a break.

Is there a nail polish that is good for your nails?

Yes there is. But most of people think that, all the nail polish are same. Nevertheless all nail color brands are not good to our nails. Some are full with chemicals. There are some nail color that helps to keep our nails healthy and shiny. From here we are going to talk about the best nail paint brand which is actually good for your nails.

Essie Nail Polish

Essie nail polish is glossy and shiny nail polish. It is calling America’s salon expert, since 1981.  This nail polish offers perfect coverage plus outstanding durability. Moreover, the item name is Ladylike and rich with apricot cuticle oil. That is the main reason to say that, Essie nail polish is good for your nails.

Is nail polish bad for nails

Is Vaseline good for nails?

Yes, Vaseline is good for nails. It is petroleum jelly, universally known as Vaseline. We can apply Vaseline on our nails as a cuticle cream. If you can apply Vaseline on your cuticles, you will definitely get soften nails.

Another thing is, by applying Vaseline around your nails, will help to get polished glossy dazzling nails. Furthermore, Vaseline gives ultimate hurried moisture to your nail skin too. Not only that but also Vaseline helps to strengthen your nails greatly.

What does putting toothpaste on your nails do?

Is nail polish bad for nails

Putting toothpaste on your nails may help you to whiten your nails. The reason is toothpaste containing baking soda. You can put toothpaste on your nails and wait until they dry. Then brush it off and wash in order to leave your nails free of pigments.

By putting toothpaste on your nails does not help to grow them fast. It can only help nails to look clear and brighter. Especially whitening toothpaste may support to whiten nails because backing soda has more natural possessions.

How often should I get my nails done?

The best time period that you should get your nails done is about two or three weeks between each manicure and pedicure. Actually, it depends on how fast your nails grow and the products that you are wearing. Sometimes it depends on natural nails acrylics or gels. If you have natural nails, then it would be best to do your nails weekly. If you have acrylics, you should do your nails within 10 to 15 days.


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