Eyelashes mean both of the little curved hairs growing on the edges of the eyelids. The advantage of eyelash is, help to protect our eyes from the dust and debris. Normally, every girl’s dream is to get longer eyelashes because long eyelashes are the most measured sign of attractiveness in many cultures. Therefore most girls try to get longer eyelashes to beautify their eyes. Thus nowadays girls use many methods to get long their eyelashes such as by using Vaseline on the eyelashes. So in this article, we are going to talk about how to use Vaseline to get longer eyelashes plus some more tips and details about eyelashes and Vaseline.

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How to use Vaseline to get longer eyelashes?

Long and thick eyelashes can make you look more beautiful and these tips may help you to enhance the beauty of your eyes. So let’s see how to use Vaseline to get longer eyelashes naturally and quickly. For this remedy, you just need to take only a little amount of Vaseline at night before sleeping.

  1. First of all, you have to wash your face and take off makeup with baby oil or with some cleansing product.
  2. Then you have to take an old mascara brush or you can do this with your finger.
  3. Now dip the cleaned old mascara brush into the Vaseline.
  4. Then take it back and apply it to your eyelashes.
  5. Now massage your eye area as well as eyelashes at night before you sleep.
  6. Leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning.
  7. Follow the remedy daily and you will get visible results within seven days.

How long does it take for Vaseline to grow eyelashes?

Normally it takes about 7 days to grow eyelashes by using Vaseline. If you can use Vaseline treatment repeatedly for at least a week, you can get a good look at your eyelashes. Special thing is, Vaseline maybe not support make your eyelashes grow longer, but Vaseline is able to hydrate your eyelashes and make them look thicker. Hence this method can make your eyelashes appear longer as you wish. So use Vaseline as many as you need but three or four days minimum if you need to see results.

Is Vaseline bad for eyelashes?

No, Vaseline is not bad for eyelashes. Because Vaseline is super hydrating and naturally safe on sensitive skin types. So Vaseline is not bad for eyelashes. Vaseline is made of 100% filtered white petroleum. Furthermore, Vaseline is the number one product that fights dry skin. So in point of fact, Vaseline is not bad for eyelashes. Some benefits of using Vaseline to your eyelashes are the healthy look of your lashes, very low chance of allergies, full in moisture, and a very good skincare product.  

Which oil is best for eyelash growth?

Castor oil is the best oil for eyelash growth. As well as castor oil is a vegetable oil compelled from castor beans. In addition, this oil is a common ingredient in a lot of beauty products in the world. Normally castor oil is using to manufacture soaps, lubricants, perfumes, and other cosmetics. The special quality of this oil is, it can hydrate conclusion to cosmetics without clogging openings or annoying skin. So castor oil is the best oil for eyelash growth. So without any fear, you can use castor oil for your eyelashes. Besides the most suitable time to treat your eyelashes is, before you go to the bed and you can treat your eyelashes with castor oil.  

Does coconut oil help eyelashes grow?

Yes Of course. Coconut oil definitely helps you to grow your eyelashes quickly and healthy. But coconut oil does not help your eyelashes grow longer. It only helps to grow them longer with the thickness. As well as coconut oil cannot help to increase the volume of your eyelashes, but it will surely avoid them from falling out as repeatedly. By the way, if you use this oil, you have to take very clean, clear coconut oil for your lashes. Because organic coconut oil is very friendly for the eye area skin and it is super pure plus safe to use.


I hope you learn how to use Vaseline to get longer eyelashes. So please make sure to share this article with your friends if you got help. Also, if you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us through contact us page.

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