How to make your lips smaller

Every woman likes to have beautiful pinkish lips, and no one likes to have dark lips. Some women are like to have big lips and some are like to have thin lips. So people do many things to make them as they need. Most of the women are doing surgeries to make their lips big and thin. So today we are going to talk about “How to make your lips smaller?”

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How to make your lips smaller

How to make your lips smaller?

There are some methods that you can do for your lips to make your lips smaller. Most young generations bother about fuller lips and pay their attention to get quick answers, such as surgeries. Yes, surely surgeries can do magical things but the problem is surgeries are very risky. Not only that but also it takes too much money to do a surgery. The most important thing is our health and our goodness. So we can do some natural things to reduce our lip size without wasting money and chemicals. Thus you can do some exercises, such as tongue twisters and you can smile more. It will help your lips to pull and make your lips thinner.                               


How to make your lips smaller

How can I make my lips smaller naturally?


  • You can do some exercise like open your mouth as wide as you can. Just do it two or three times. Then again open your mouth widely and shut your mouth slowly. Repeat this exercise at least ten times per day.
  • Practice some tongue twisters daily and smile more as much as you can. Moreover, don’t bite your lips and stay happy always with smiley lips. As a result you can make your lips smaller easily and quickly.


  • Be careful to use lip glosses when you apply lip colors to your lips. Mostly, lip gloss can give big look to your lips. So do not use lip gloss. By the way don’t use pulsating color lip colors as fire red, hot pink and orange. Those colors will make your lips stand out.
  • Use nude colors and dark colors to your lips. Those colors will support you to keep your lips super natural

Can ice make lips smaller?

How to make your lips smaller

No, ice cannot make your lips smaller. Because rubbing an ice cube on your lips means, it will wrap the blood vessels in your lips. Not permanently but temporarily. Then rubbing an ice cube on your lips will support you to create your lips look big and desirable rapidly. So ice cubes cannot help you to get smaller lips.


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