How to do anime lips makeup

As girls, we all are like to have lovely rosy lips. Many women use lipsticks but they don’t know how to use them correctly. Normally we do lip makeup to get a good-looking appearance. If your lips are dark, lipsticks and lip liners can give a great answer. As well as when you got very thin and uneven lips, you can use lip liner and lip liner will help you to get bigger and fuller lips.

Moreover, the new generation is adored to keep their lips look like anime at Halloween parties or cosplays. So many teenage girls and women search about this anime lip makeup. Accordingly, Ashisbeautytips is going to talk about “How to do anime lips makeup?” Then you can learn to do your anime lips makeup by yourself and some extra important tips about lip makeup.

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What Are The Things That You Need To Do Anime Lips Makeup?

If you want to make picture-perfect anime lips, then you will need to save certain essentials in your makeup pouch. So let’s see what are the items that we need to do anime lips makeup.

  • Concealer
  • Lipstick
  • Lip brush
  • Gel liner or Vaseline
  • Liquid liner
  • Lip gloss

How Do You Make Your Lips Look Like Anime Lips?

Just follow these simple steps and learn all about anime lips makeup.

  1. First of all clean your lips well.
  2. Then apply concealer (concealer of your choice) on your lips to create a blank image.
  3. Now take your lipstick and get some of it on to your lip brush and then apply it on all over the inside parts of your lips.
  4. Then give a little touch on your lips with your fingers to get a natural look.
  5. After that draw the lines with your lip brush by using Vaseline or gel liner. *
  6. The most important thing about gradient lips is natural lip lines. So use your finger or two tips to smudge the line. And you have to make sure that there is no lines between your skin and the lips.
  7. After that you can choose a darker color of any lip gloss you like and put in the inside part of your lips.
  8. Take your liquid liner and make a defined line on the middle of the areas where you did draw shaded lines.
  9. Now give final touches to your lips to look anime.

Are Anime Lips Attractive?

Yes, anime lips are more attractive than normal lips makeup. Because animations lips makeup is something that gives a 3D look to your lips. By the way, the side view of anime lips is very simple and nice-looking. Normal lip makeups cannot get that view easily. So anime lips makeups are more attractive than normal lips makeups.

How To Do Gradient Lips?

  • First you have to put on concealer on your lips.
  • Then With two (not the same) lipstick or lip shades, put on the lighter shade to your lips directing on the out edge of your lips.
  • Now apply the dark color lipstick to the inside middle of the two lips.
  • Next mix the darker shade towards the outside using your fingers or you can use your lip brush for this while waiting for you complete that soft and washed-out natural 3D look.
  • If you like you can apply a clear lip gloss to make lips look more natural and hydrated.


I hope you learn How to do anime lips makeup. So please make sure to share this article with your friends if you got help. Also, if you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us through contacting us page.

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