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Why boy wearing girl clothes and makeup? Human is a precious gift of nature. All of us are born with one gender or sex. But there’re some exceptions, and some babies are born with both male and female reproductive organs.

After we are born, babies wear clothes that their parents give. When they grow, they tend to select their clothes. It is totally based on their preference. Usually, girls wear ladies’ clothes while boys wear gents’ clothes. But does everything in this world happen according to the standard? No, you’ll meet so many persons who work against that standard. Like that, there is some confusion about clothes, and some boys love to wear feminine clothes.

Hence, parents panic about why their boy wearing girl clothes and makeup? And some moms complain their boys love to wear makeups and sisters’ clothes, besides his clothes.

As a parent, you may worry about this so much and believe it is a disorder. Therefore, as a counselor, I will explain this situation further. I am sure you might have a good relief after reading this article!

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Why boy wearing girl clothes and makeup?

This is a very broad and subjective question. Yes, some boys are wearing girls’ clothes. Not only clothes but also wear girls’ makeup, including lipstick and eyeliners. 

Not only kids, you can see these types of incidents among teenagers and also adults. So, let’s check the possible reasons for that.

  • Just for fun
  • Have no idea about gender difference
  • Curious about new things
  • Impressed parents, family, and friends
  • According to the people, boys spend their time with
  • Attract to the colors and beautiful designs of the makeups and cloths
  • Imitates their sisters, mom, and friends
  • Genetic issue
  • Mutation
  • Mental health issue

So, now you can understand my point. All boys who wear girls’ clothes are not gay. So let’s go one by one.

Genetic Issue

Human biology is the most complex thing in the world. However, after sperm and egg are met, it will fertilize. In embryonic development, mother and father gene combinations decide the gender of the baby. As an example, males have XY, and females have XX genes.

However, when they are born, you can identify males and females by physical appearance. But there is are some exceptional cases. Some newborn girl genitals may look somewhat or entirely male. It happens because that baby is exposed to too much testosterone hormone in the womb.

Similarly, if a boy is little exposed to the testosterone hormone in the womb at the embryonic stage, it will impair their reproductive organs’ development. So, these type of conditions is called disorders of sex development or DSDs. 

We all think the brain controls people’s feelings. Yes, it is. But our brain functions are controlled and stimulated by hormones. So, if any boy is born with a sexual disorder, they do not have enough testosterone. These types of boys can show some girlish behaviors.

That is why they may love to wear girl’s clothes, makeup and live like a girl. However, you cannot predict that your boy has this type of disorder at the early stage of their life.

Because small kids up to 12 years do not have a clear idea about their gender identity. After 12 years, their sexual hormones get active. So, when some teenagers love to wear girls’ clothes, it can be a result of a genetic disorder. Thus, meet the doctor and take advice.

However, I am strictly saying, if you have this kind of kid, do not try to give punishments. It can badly affect their mentality. Always keep in mind, born with a genetic disorder is not his fault.

Gender-nonconforming Children

There are 2% to 7 % of boys under age 12 regularly display “cross-gender” behaviors. But very few wish actually to be a girl. Thus, do not hurry to predict their future.

By age 10, most pink boys give away most of their unconventional appearance and activities. It is just because their desires change with time, and they understand the male-female difference.

Another truth is, most gay men don’t start out as pink boys.

Just for fun

Small kids are always attracted to bright colors. Also, they love fabrics that are full of designs like flowers, pets, and cartoons.

Also, most mothers, aunts, and adult sisters wear makeup and keep looking great. So, whether you are a boy or girl, didn’t you curious to wear these classic clothes and makeup? Kids also love to try new things and imitate you.

Take Attention

On the other hand, small kids love to impress others and take attention. Did you ever experience how kids are happy when you are impressed or give a clap for their work?

So, most kids aged up to 12 years do not have a clear idea about their sexual differences. All girls and boys play together, sleep together and live in a friendly manner.

Hence, if your small boy wears girls’ clothes, do not overreact. However, if he wears these clothes regularly, you can keep the girl’s cloth away from him. Or can kindly advice about what are the clothes that boys wear and girl’s wear.

Not only kids, teenagers, and adults also wear girl’s clothes just for fun. So, if it is not a serious case, just ignore it.

However, if he does not respond to your advice and these activities become a headache, he should meet a good counselor.

Family Background or Friends

There are no sex differences at the early stage, and boys play with both girls and boys. Some kids only have girls to play with. Or else some boys spend their whole day with his sisters. Because of this reason, these kids may tend to wear girls’ clothes and makeup.

Friends and family can significantly influence the boy’s behavior. So, if you see this kind of change in your boy, let’ him spend more time with boys. Then he will go away from girls’ things.

Society comprises different kinds of persons. So, keep care of the person who has a relationship with your kid. Sometimes, they may influence your kid to wear girl’s clothes.


The mutation is a genetic disorder. So, this can happen when sex determination at the embryonic stage, after birth, or exposed to some chemicals, medicines, and accidents.

If some boys have this kind of issue, they may show some misbehavior and act like girls. Furthermore, these boys may select feminine clothes, girls’ toys, makeup.  

Mental health issue

Mental health is a major thing that controls our behaviors. But if someone loses his mental balance, they have no idea about what they do.

So, if any boy is suffering from a mental disorder or depression, it is possible to wear the women’s clothes. But keep in mind, proper medicine and caring can recover most of these cases. 

Some boys like to wear girls’ makeup, why?

Sometimes, it is a normal thing. But there can be exceptional cases. People’s preferences are very subjective. Boys’ preferences may be affected by parents, friends, relations behaviors.

If kids under 12 age wear makeup, you can keep them away and kindly explain the matter. Most of these cases can ignore because they go away from girls’ accessories when they become adults.

However, if teenagers or adults wear girls’ makeup as girls use it, there may have some reason.

Sometimes, these boys only appear boy as physical. But their feelings may be similar to the girl’s feelings. So, this is a very subjective matter. If you are warring about these things seriously, you can get advice from the doctor.

If not, let them live as they wish. You cannot completely recover a boy who has girls’ feelings.

Can boys wear feminine clothing?

Yes, if boys ignore society’s beliefs and norms, they can wear feminine clothes. It is a human right, and no one can make rules against it.

We all live in a huge world. Thus, we all have family, friends, and relationships to impress. Thus, when boys wear a girl’s clothes or makeup, they may create a bad image. This is the reason most boys who have special needs fear wearing feminine clothes.

However, society or others’ views is not a matter; any boy can wear feminine clothes.

How should boys go about incorporating girls’ clothes into their everyday outfits?

Changing boys’ outfits to girls’ outfits may give a shock to the family, friends, and society. Thus, if any boy really wants to wear like a girl and incorporate with girls clothes, do it gradually.

Moreover, boys can select patterns and designs much match them. Further, do not forget physical appearance.

If any boy wants to wear a girl’s clothes and live as a girl, they have to cut bear, change the walking style, talking pattern, and many more things.

Further, before wearing a girl’s clothes, do a proper study about them. Because some clothes may not suit the male body. Thus, select cloth that is suited for the body. 


I hope you learn why boy wearing girl clothes and makeup. So please make sure to share this article with your friends if you got help. Also, if you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us through contact us page.

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