How to naturally lighten your eyes? Our eyes are not lying; they are “the gateway to our souls”. So without a doubt, we need to pay a lot of attention to protect them. The color of the eye helps to increase the beauty of the eye. The eye color means a polygenic phenotypic charm strong-minded by two individual factors, the skin color of the eye is iris and the regularity addiction of the sprinkling of light by the unclear medium in the stroma of the iris. Depending on the deliberation of melanin, human eye color may get iris varies from light brown to black. Normally many bird species have brightly colored eyes and humans and the other animal have many phenotypic variations in eye color.

Darkening the eye color or lightening the eye color for the duration of teenage years, babyhood, and prenatal period and occasionally after some serious pains because of a possible dispute stating that roundabout eyes can or do be change, based on biochemical responses and hormonal alterations within the figure. As an example, the human who lives in around mountain areas are frequently born with blue eyes and it converts into hazel eyes in future.

The color of the eyes is resolute by genetics. Therefore, the eyes have the ability to change the eye color naturally as a reaction to the iris growing or narrowing in the existence of light and maybe as the age of iris. By these effects, the eyes systematically becoming lighter or darker in color.  

How to naturally lighten your eyes? Is it possible?

how to naturally lighten your eyes

Some are questioning that “can we change the eye color?” The actual answer is no it is not possible to change your eye color. But the good news is you can lighten up your eye color. Since the pigment, melanin controls your eye color. Research has brought into being that color of the eye can be converted in rare cases in line for damage or genetics. Some human beings have two different colored irises from a situation called heterochromia.

Some people are not happy with their natural eye color and they always need to change the eye color. But definitely, they have the question of how to lighten the eye color. Some or need to get brown color ayes and some need to get hazel or green. However many people do not know how to lighten up their eye colors safely. Therefore, from this article, you can learn how to naturally lighten your eyes safe and how to change your eye colors naturally.

8 ways that can change your eye color

1. Pay more attention on the best foods for eye health.

  • If you need to keep your eyes lighter, you should eat foods that are rich in minerals and positive Vitamins.

2. Have to stay hydrated

  • If your skin is dry, then it supports getting a wrinkled and tired look on your face. So you have to drink more water glasses per day to keep your eyes healthy.

3. Sleep

  • You need to get at least seven or eight hours of sleep per night to get beautiful eyes.

4. Keep your skin super clean

  • Stay clean and wash your wash with some moisturized facewash. When you are washing, cleansing, or moisturizing your face and around the eye, be careful about the products that you are using. Some products designed to support the skin nearby your eyes look their best.

5. Use quality sunglasses

  • By wearing quality sunglasses, you can definitely prevent wrinkles in your eye area. Sunglasses keep your eyes away from UV rays and protect eyesight. 

6. Wear quality lenses

  • You can use corrective lenses if you want them. Then you can keep your eyes charming and looking cheerful.

7. Use Make-up and accessories

  • With makeup and accessories to generate the impression of brighter and lighter eye color easily. The accessories can create your eyes look darker and lighter.

 8. Colored contacts

  • If you have a desire to change your eye color, you can try this method. But you have to visit an eye doctor to color your eyes safely. By this method, you can get a natural look from your eyes.

Can honey really change eye color?

how to naturally lighten your eyes

Honey is a very sweet gummy food ingredient made by honeybees and some correlated insects. The key uses of honey are baking, cooking, desserts, and some commercial beverages.

Some men and women think that they can simply change their eye color by using honey because; honey is a natural bleaching agent. Moreover, honey has lengthy been used as a topical antibiotic by physicians of outmoded and herbal medicine.

Honey has been concentrated with water but unfortunately, it is more acidic than our eyes. So actually, it is not good to use for your eyes. Because of a pH of around 3.9, matched the pH with human eyes is closer to about 7.5. If you put honey into your eyes, you will absolutely get pain and the tears will wash the honey away from your eyes. Then you will get some uneasiness and in the short term of blurred vision. Sometimes by using this method, you will wind up with bad eye infections.

What foods make your eyes lighter?

If you need to keep your eyes lighter, you should eat foods what are rich in minerals and positive Vitamins.

  • Mangoes

The mango fruit is the “King of fruits”. Mongo is a stone fruit. In addition, there are many health benefits of mangoes. Such as gastrointestinal health, developed immunity, and eyesight. Moreover, mangoes are full of nutrients that support keeping your eyes healthy with Vitamin A and richer with Vitamin E. it helps to dry eyes and dark time blindness.

  • Spinach

Spinach is very good for your eyes. The antioxidants found in spinach are lutein Zeaxanthin. These are helping in providing better eye vision. Vitamin A starts in spinach supports to keep lubricant tissues that are important for normal perception. And spinach helps to boost your immunity too.

  • Apples

The apples are famous to increase our eyesight and make our eyes stronger and stronger. In addition, apples hold a lot of Vitamins such as Vitamin C and Vitamin A. they are good for eye health. An apple is rich in bioflavonoids that are as well as known for increasing eye health.

  • Peanuts

Peanuts are rich in protein, Vitamin E, and Zinc. It helps to improve the eye vision of people with deterioration. Vitamin E helps to protect our eyes from free essential damage.  Peanuts are also rich in Omega-3 oily acids, which support boosting your vision health and helps to guard the eye’s cells.

  • Carrots

Carrot is a superb source of Vitamin A in the arrangement of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene of the carrots provides that orange color and supports the retina and supplementary parts of the eyes to gathering effortlessly.  Carrot is the food that if you need to better your eyes.

  • Broccoli

Broccoli holds beta-carotene, which helps to convert the body to Vitamin A. broccolis are helping to decline some hazard of age-related eye sicknesses such as macular degeneration and cataract. Agreeing with studies broccoli brings a load of needed minerals to help our eyes. In addition, broccoli supports your eyes to build healthy cells too.


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