From time to time the tiniest details when you’re fashioning can make a difference in your shower day results. How you curl middle part while they’re wet determines in what way they will lay all week, how much root lift and volume you grow, and if your scalp is enclosed.

Today I’m presenting you 4 methods to part your naturally curly hair for extra volume and root lift. These methods are exclusively going to be advantageous if you have low-density hair or a cowlick and fight to cover your scalp.

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The side part is a model hair-parting system if you need a clean line and some lift on one side. Make a line at an angle for more root lift. You can retain the line only a few inches long and stop right before the top so could take the crown hair back and shelter the scalp better at the crown.


The central part is a common line down the middle of your curls. This technique is petite underwhelming for the reason that many people fight to gain volume. If you have thick hair, this is able to be an excessive option to try. A lot of people with more comparative facial features find the middle part

curl middle part


Consuming no part is a satisfying look for all curl kinds that provide more volume and lift at the root. It’s rough to hold in place when your hair is used to dropping into a part, so this may take a period to train the curls not the part. Brush the hair back and scrunch right at the root upside down. To avoid your waves falling in your face, make a small 1-inch or less part in the exact font and style ringlets with a brush so those front pieces cling to the hair.


I hope you learn how curl middle part of your hair. So please make sure to share this article with your friends if you got help. Also, if you have any questions about this, feel free to contact us through contact us page.